Homecoming @ Kingsmead

Wandering down Kingsmead in Bukit Timah, you might have been fortunate enough to spot a colourful abstract mural on an external wall of a bungalow. The property once belonged to the late Singaporean painter Chen Wen Hsi, who resided at the property from the late 1950s till his death in 1991.

For the last 20 years, the property had belonged to artist Tay Joo Mee and her family, but the $15-million property was sold in 2019. Prior to the house switching hands, a special exhibition took place from April 12th to May 3rd, with about 20 figurative, abstract and calligraphy paintings in different parts of the house.

The exhibition, titled Homecoming @ Kingsmead celebrated the life and works of Chen Wen Hsi at the residence where much of it was created.


5 Kingsmead Road, Singapore 267960
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*Ended* April 12 to May 3 2019
noon to 7.30pm daily

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